dark web sites

Digital crime is yet another face of criminality in the real world. The famed criminal justice writer Peter Grabosky in 2001 called this so. The same crime as human beings with weapons are committed by programs written or created using computers. In addition, the crimes committed using a machine only vary to a certain degree in the medium. Only the modus-operandi varies. As it’s a safe haven for them,  dark web sitesare often relied on by terrorists. A simple web page can be downloaded by agencies within a few months, if not weeks. The chances of monitoring the original poster are also very good. Enabling tor routing would mean that there will be a hard time for authorities. Financial loss is on the rise due to hacking attempts. Every day, new reports about hacking attempts and malicious code installation on servers are available. User accounts are being hacked and information is being leaked. Multiple personal profiles have been reported missing or updated, including those from social media websites. Cybersecurity reports by top corporations confirm that cyber threats rose in the first quarter of the previous year. On the dark web, malware and other malicious codes are readily accessible. These connections can easily be reached by users who have basic knowledge of dark websites and computers.

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